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"Qed nifrah ghax dan il-poplu kbir!"

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Our Mission

To provide educational and psychological assistance to children in families disrupted by illness

Our Roots

The Karl Vella Foundation was set up after the passing of Karl Vella to offer care and guidance in various forms to children coming from families affected by illness. The Foundation is aimed at children between 5 and 17 years of age. The Foundation was started with a handful of volunteers and continues to grow and blossom with one main aim - to assist children being affected by these circumstances.

Our Volunteers

The Karl Vella Foundation is run by volunteers who are seeking to follow the example set by Karl Vella himself, who sought to continue helping others even when his own health was failing. Our team of volunteers come from various backgrounds and professions, and together are in a position to aid and care for the children in a holistic manner.

Our Future

The Karl Vella Foundation believes that our future is in each and every child. Understanding that the situation the child is in is not rising from negligence but rather other neccesities within thier family is a driving force for us to commit ourselves to assisting these children. It is our belief that giving a child the assistance needed will further help them grow and cope with the situation at hand.

Educational Assistance

One of the main goals of the Foundation is to provide educational services in the form of assistance with homework or extra help to the children who will attend the Centre after school. The Foundation has recruited several volunteers who are qualified to teach various subjects and age groups. In doing this the Foundation will be helping the child not fall behind his or her peers. All the children will receive as much attention as needed to ensure they continue to flourish.

Psychological Care

The Karl Vella Foundation understands that illness within the family can be traumatic to children and may raise a lot of questions and dilemmas. Our volunteers, who are qualified psychologists and counsellors, will be on hand to assist children with any heartache or worries that may arise. The Foundation’s understanding that children mistakenly feel that the predicament in which the family is in is somehow their fault, is another key factor which prompts the KVF to offer support.

Social Integration

The Karl Vella Foundation will provide a centre where children can mix and interact, share experiences and enjoy each other’s company. While being fully supervised, the children will be engaging in arts, crafts, games and other social activities to alleviate some of the stress which may have arisen from family circumstances.

Karl Vella Foundation Gallery

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  • Address:
    Karl Vella Foundation Centre,
    The President's Kitchen Garden,
    St Anthony Street,
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.karlvellafoundation.org
  • Phone: +356 2123 7928
  • Registered Voluntary Organisation (V/O 0992)


To provide educational and psychological assistance to children in families disrupted by illness