Giving Support To The Individual

The Karl Vella Foundation will provide support to children who are disrupted by family illness. The Karl Vella Foundation will provide individual attention to each child according to their individual needs.

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Educational Support

The Karl Vella Foundation through its volunteers coming from the education field will provide educational assistance to every child that needs it. Our aim is to help each child in a variety of subjects, whether it be homework or extra revision of topics which they may not feel confident in.

Sharing The Love

The Karl Vella Foundation is all about giving. We give love, support and attention to all the youngsters who will be attending our Centre. The Maltese sense of generosity and solidarity is strong and we will consolidate these traits through our dedicated volunteers and support structure.

Provide Counselling Where Needed

The Karl Vella Foundation will assist, where needed, children and young adults with counselling and play therapy sessions to help them through difficult situations which may have arisen due to family illness. The Foundation understands that children have a tendency to blame themselves for events that happen within the family, and our counsellors will be available to help them overcome any issues that may arise out of their family situation.

Activities & Events

The Karl Vella Foundation will organise activities and events for the children using its premises so that the children can interact with each other and also share their experiences. These events may also include parents or relatives. The Foundation also hosts a number of fund raising activities to help fund its workings.

Creating Awareness

The Karl Vella Foundation will be utilising the knowledge of the professionals on its team to raise awareness about different issues surrounding illness within families, and the effect this can have on different members of that same family. Look out for hints, tips about coping skills and words of advice on our website.



  • Address:
    Karl Vella Foundation Centre,
    The President's Kitchen Garden,
    St Anthony Street,
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone: +356 2123 7928
  • Registered Voluntary Organisation (V/O 0992)


To provide educational and psychological assistance to children in families disrupted by illness