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This initiative provides psycho-emotional support to patients, donors and their caregivers travelling abroad for medical treatment. The support is also extended to family members who do not necessarily accompany them abroad. Support takes the form of frequent scheduled phone calls and check-ins, individual therapy and crisis intervention provided by mental health professionals.

During the phone calls, the professional provides a safe space for clients to process any thoughts and emotions. The professional checks in on the clients’ well-being, assesses their needs, assists them with any general queries, gives them space to process their experiences and supports them throughout their time abroad. When necessary, one-to-one therapy is also provided. Upon return to Malta, KVF continues supporting the family to help it readjust.

Implementation of Service

1. Referral 

Patients and their families may be referred to KVF either through a self-referral or through a professional, such as doctor, teacher or social worker.

2. Initial Assessment 

Once the referral is submitted and accepted, an initial meeting is scheduled, either in person or virtually, to identify the needs of patient and their carer.

3. Tailored Care Plan

Support begins by providing a safe space through regular check-in calls. One-to-one tele-therapy is also available, if required.  

4. Continued Support

Support continues on even once the patient and their carer is back in Malta in order to help them re-adjust back to their daily routines. 

"If I didn't have their support ...I don't think I would have coped.

We cried together and we smiled together. To us, KVF is family."
KVF User

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