The Wellness Pod

At KVF, we believe that sharing experiences within a supportive community is inherently therapeutic. The Wellness Pod provides children with opportunities to engage in diverse psycho-educational programmes and activities, thoughtfully crafted to instill a positive life perspective, empower children to manage their emotions, and fortify their mental well-being.

Our programmes are led by mental health and educational professionals, alongside dedicated child support workers and volunteers, and use a tailored approach for different age groups. The Wellness Pod further supports children through one-to-one therapy and/or group therapy where necessary.

In addition, KVF also offers educational assistance, either one-on-one or in small group settings, to those seeking scholastic support as part of our commitment to provide a holistic approach, addressing both emotional well-being and academic growth.

These programmes are open to children aged between 5 and 17 who is grappling with the loss or illness of a close family member. They are offered free of charge and take place at the KVF center in Attard.

Implementation of Service

1. Referral 

A child may be referred to KVF either through a self-referral or through a professional, such as doctor, teacher or social worker.

2. Initial Assessment 

Once the referral is submitted and accepted, an internal assessment is held to identify needs.

3. Tailored Care Plan

In a collaborative meeting with the KVF team, the child’s legal guardian and the referring professional, a customised care plan, which may include one-to-one therapy, is developed for the child.

4. Case Review

This care plan undergoes a thorough review every few months to ensure optimal support and address all the evolving needs of the child.

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