The Wellness Pod

KVF strongly believes that being part of a group going through a similar experience is in itself therapeutic. The Wellness Pod offers children the opportunity to take part in various psycho-educational programmes and activities. These programmes are designed so that children acquire a positive approach to life, learn to manage their emotions and strengthen their mental well-being.

The programmes are facilitated by professionals from the mental health sector and educational sector, play workers and volunteers, and cater for different age groups. Programmes are held at KVF centre in Attard

Any child aged between 5 and 17 who is experiencing the loss or illness of a close family member is eligible to make use of our services. A child may be referred to KVF either through a self-referral or through a professional, such as doctor, teacher, Social Worker etc.  

Once a referral form is submitted and accepted, a meeting is held between KVF’s team and the child’s legal guardian/s. A care-plan is created during the initial meeting between KVF representatives, the child’s legal guardian and the professional who referred the child, when possible. It describes the overall aims and desired outcomes for the individual child based on their identified needs.

The care-plan also includes the programmes the individual child is following, other needs that are identified during the time of the programme and review about the child’s progress. This care plan is reviewed every three months.


The Wellness Pod, Afternoon programme: The afternoon programme at the Centre is held throughout the year. Once the children arrive at the Centre, they are given some time to unwind. The programme continues with a psycho-educational activity, followed by circle time.

One-To-One Therapy

Once an eligible child is referred to KVF a care-plan is drawn up after a meeting between KVF’s team, the child’s legal guardian/s and other professionals. 
Should the need arise, KVF will offer the services of one-to-one therapy. This can be offered both online and physical at the KVF Centre.

Parental Support

Parents/Guardians of children attending KVF are also provided with support. Support is in the form of one-to-one therapy or group therapy. 
These services are offered both online and from our Centre. 
For further information please contact us!

Because You Matter

Emotional and psychological support as well as crisis intervention to patients needing treatment abroad, donors, the accompanying carers and their families.

Life Beyond Loss

KVF regularly organizes grief therapy groups for those who suffered the loss of a partner or those who suffered the loss of a child. These groups are done in collaboration with The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation and the Franciscan Conventuals and are led by mental health professionals.

For more information please email lifebeyondloss2022@gmail

Training Services

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