Lifeloom Hub

The Lifeloom Training Hub, a newly launched service by the Karl Vella Foundation (KVF), is dedicated to delivering comprehensive training to professionals in the social and educational sectors, parents, companies, and the general public.

Drawing upon over eight years of dedicated expertise in addressing the challenges of illness and loss, KVF is well-prepared to share its wealth of knowledge and understanding in the field. This valuable insight can be delivered through engaging presentations, interactive workshops, and skill-enhancing training sessions.

Recognising the opportunity to raise awareness, the Lifeloom Training Hub aims to empower individuals with effective tools to navigate the delicate and often tumultuous waters of illness and grief.

Possible topics:

  • Supporting colleagues during time of grief
  • Supporting colleagues in times of illness
  • Working through stress, anxiety and fear
  • Understanding children in times of illness and loss
  • Self care through Mindfulness
  • Bringing Mindfulness to work – team dynamics

For further details and to explore how our training programs can benefit your organisation or community, please contact the KVF at [email protected].

Together, we can create a community that not only understands but actively supports one another through life’s most trying moments.

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