Some Heartfelt Testimonials:

“KVF is a small home with a big heart.”

“For us, KVF was a gift!”

“You are truly a team of guardian angels.”

Your time and dedication are the driving force to our families in time when we desperately need that push.

You bring a smile to my daughter’s face.

To me they were angels sent by God.

My son has found a kindered group of children he relates to via the KVF groups. This has given him solace after his father’s death which in turn has eased my own personal anxiety.

My daughter looks forward to KVF sessions as she feels the other kids are all kindred spirits. This is like her private group where others understand grief and loss and do not condone the feelings associated with it.

I appreciate a lot what you do with my son because although we passed through a difficult time due to the loss of my precious wife, you've always been there for us in all we needed.

I have no words to express my gratitude to you all at KVF. You have been of constant support to both my children and to me as well.

KVF was always a shoulder for us during the first days when my daughter’s dad was sick and eventually passed away, and although time is passing, she still feels the need to attend the sessions.

KVF is truly heaven for my son. He looks forward to the sessions and will not swap them for anything. At KVF he found a home where people can understand his feelings and he now knows that there are other children living in similar difficult circumstances and being happy is still an option.

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